Home of the Association of Citroën Enthusiasts in Western Australia (A.C.E. WA).

A.C.E. WA was formed to be a friendly and helpful association of people with an interest in Citroën cars. The Club’s constitution was drafted with the aim of creating a club which holds all of its meetings in an open forum and publishes all of its minutes so that all its members are fully informed of its activities.  Anyone with an interest in Citroën cars is welcome to attend and participate in our clubs activities.


As of August 2022 our website contact information is incorrect and The Mighty Quinn is no longer available for our monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. Please contact our 2022 secretary Peter Rasmussen via email (peteraz@iinet.net.au) for further information regarding membership and meeting details while updating is occurring.

A huge thankyou to our previous website administrator Greg, for his time and commitment managing this site over the past years and his continuing support during the transition phase. It is much appreciated.