If you are a current member of ACEWA an email with a renewal membership form will have been sent to you from our secretary Peter ( during March, April and June of 2022.

If you wish to become a member of ACEWA please email Peter for confirmation of our current meeting place (third Tuesday of each month) and current event details. Our members are a social bunch and enjoy a meal, good conversation and a catch up prior to our monthly open joint Committee and Member meetings. Members and friends are all welcome. See you there sometime.

If one of your vehicles is registered under a Western Australian transport Authority Vintage/Veteran/Post Vintage/Invitation Class (404 scheme) or Concession for Classic (C4C scheme) vehicle license Concession, your membership must be paid by June 30th of each year for your vehicle(s) to continue to be licensed for road usage. Please be aware and comply with all current rules and regulations pertaining to driving your vehicle under these Concession licenses. For more information visit the website.